Tap Smiths
Tap Smiths - iOS, Android
Tap Smiths (by Tiny Titan Studios) is tapper RPG for iOS and Android. As lead artist, I created all character, UI, environment assets, including animations and technical requirements. I also created all promo artwork for the game. Tap Smiths had a very successful launch on iOS, achieving the "Best New Games" feature worldwide and reaching Top 30 Games in the US. All artwork property of Tiny Titan Studios.
Legacy of the Copper Skies
Legacy of the Copper Skies - Unity - In Development
Legacy of the Copper Skies (by Horrible Unicorn Game Studios) is an upcoming adventure action RPG. My role as lead artist consists of creating all character and environment assets, including animations and technical requirements. Legacy of the Copper Skies had a successful Square Enix Collective campaign with very positive public feedback. All artwork property of Horrible Unicorn Game Studios.
The Pocalypse
The Pocalypse - Webcomic
The Pocalypse (www.thepocalypse.com) is an animated flash webcomic that I started in 2010 and continue to update. I designed and maintain the website, write the story, and create and animate every scene/episode. Please click thumbnails below to view full images.
The Pocalypse Defense 2 - In Development
The Pocalypse Defense 2 (Watch Preview Trailer #1) is the upcoming sequel to The Pocalypse Defense (below). It will feature an enormous, explorable city map, RPG and Tower Defense elements, and a full, immersive story.
The Pocalypse Defense - Web (Flash)
The Pocalypse Defense (Play on Newgrounds) is Flash game released in 2011.
The Monolith
The Monolith - Web (JavaScript), iOS, Android
The Monolith (Web, iOS, Android) is a browser game written in Javascript. To teach myself programming with a relatively simple incremental game (inspired by games like Cookie Clicker), I programmed The Monolith all by myself and continue to update it! The sidebar game on the left was inspired by The Monolith! The mobile versions were programmed by Crucial App Concepts and have over 300,000 downloads across the two app stores.
BlockHopper - iOS, Android
BlockHopper (iOS - Android) is a mobile puzzle platformer released in 2011 that features levels designed by our team at Green Pixel and user-uploaded levels.
Qantas Points Quest
Qantas Points Quest - Web
Qantas Points Quest was a promotional web game for Australian airline company, Qantas. I created a pixel art city where players had to find various objects to complete the game and enter the promotional contest. My work was commissioned by Razorfish Australia. All logos and brands are property of their respective companies.
Trouble in the Manor
Trouble in the Manor - Steam
Trouble in the Manor (Steam Store Page), by Charyb Games, is an online multiplayer game which takes place in a spooky far away manor. You are designated one of three roles upon each round: innocent, bloodhound, or murderer. I was responsible for creating all the art assets.
Dr. Vile
Dr. Vile - Web (Flash) - Ludum Dare 25 Game Jam: 2nd Overall
Dr. Vile (Play the Ludum Dare Game Jam entry) is an action RPG made for the Ludum Dare 25 Game Jam (72 hours). Art was made for a possible expansion/sequel after winning 2nd place overall.
Other Work
Other Work
Below is other art I have worked on over the years. Project descriptions can be read on each image caption.